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How it Works

Create your perfect solution width a professional designer from the comfort of your own home.

STEP 1. You give us the room measurements, obstructions and your most scandalous storage wishes. We then make a virtual model of your space and go to work like a mad scientist, crafting and concocting the designs suited for you and for you only.

STEP 2. Prior to our meeting we'll send you a screen share link and call you on the phone to collaborate. The screen share is one-way only and nobody will see yours, so don't worry about work-proofing your desktop. You'll witness your solution built before your eyes. It's alive! We'll quote you on the spot to top.

STEP 3. Once you're star-eyed over your favorite design, we'll make a personalized design packet and put it on your account. Then with the swift click of a mouse, you can easily purchase it using our prime secure checkout.