Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your closets made?

We can proudly say Canada! All our closets are manufactured locally in Woodbridge,  Ontario Canada and shipped from this location.

Do you ship anywhere?

We ship all of our products across North America!

What is the your lead time for delivery?

Standard production time is between 10 to 15 business days.

How does your price compare to other manufacturing companies?

TidySquares Limited offers a wide selection of customized products and therefore it is not a “cookie cutter” operation. When our prices are compared to other manufacturing companies that offer the same, or similar, scope of service our prices are the same or less!

What is your policy on payment?

Since every order is custom manufactured to fit your customers needs and most orders shipped within 10 to 15 business days, we require payment in full when the order is placed.

What is needed to become a dealer?

On our main menu click Opportunities and tell us a little about yourself by filling out the online form. An information email will be sent to you providing more information about products, service and how to partner with us.

Do you use real wood?

No. Because wood can expand and contract with temperature and humidity changes, it is not the most suitable material to be used across North America.

What are your products made of?

Closets are made of pressboard and paper (melamine) with metal rails and components.

Are your doors the same as Thermofoil?

TidySquares offers both melamine cabinet doors as well as a small collection of Thermofoil options.
Our slab doors are 3/4 melamine with 1 mm edge tape. Our Thermofoil doors are made in 5 pieces, mitered and wrapped all around.

  • Our doors will not fade, change color, peel, de-laminate due to moisture, humidity or sunlight.
  • Our doors will match consistently, even after doors have been replaced in years to come, no color variation.
Isn’t Thermofoil bad? Won’t it peel?

The industry standard for heat resistance requires that doors withstand 24 hours at 120ºF (49ºC) and 70% humidity without showing discolouration, blistering or other material failure. Our doors and drawer fronts exceed this standard. Our average heat resistance is 185ºF (85ºC); the range is 175ºF–210ºF (79ºC–99ºC).

Is the product waterproof / resistant?

Yes. Please keep in mind that with any product, it is important to immediately wipe away any water that sits or spills on or over the top to prevent it from running over the sides or front.

How many finish categories are available?

We offer Three finish collections: (White); Classic flat finishes (Morning Dew and Fossil Grey); and Two Textured finishes (Niagara and Karoo Ash).

Can I reuse my existing hinges and door handles?

For warranty reasons, we install new, top-quality hinges. But we will reuse your existing handles or knobs if you like.

Can you describe your standard closet sections?

TidySquares is designed to give you the most economical program for closet and storage systems.  Our Standard products are 14”, 20”, and 24” deep. Our drawers come in 18”,  24” and 30” wide. The Doors come in custom sizes. All other components are custom sized and precut accordingly.

What is the maximum height for a closet solution?

Standard height is 85 5/8” with a maximum of 95 ¾” high.
However, we can customize heights upon request using different solutions.

What is the maximum width of the BAY?

The maximum Bay width size is 42” without an additional support gable. Otherwise, you risk the chance of bowing.

Are Toe Kicks added below all drawers and shelving Bays?

No, you need to request them or add them in yourself through the ECAB software program.

Are all shelves fixed and not adjustable?

The rule of thumb to use when designing a Bay is that you require TWO to THREE fixed shelves, and the rest can be adjustable.  (Top, middle, bottom)

What is the weight capacity of the shelves?

Pending width, but approximately 80 LBS for a 24” wide shelf.

What is the depth of the wardrobes?

They are 24” deep.

Can you add doors to the closets or are the doors only available in the wardrobes?

Yes, you can add doors to the closet shelves. 

Do you offer filler strips?

Filler strips are available at an extra charge.

Do you offer accessories?

Yes, we offer Tie and Belt Racks, rods, extendable Hampers, jewelry trays.

What are the Laundry Hampers made of?

They are a Black Canvas Bag that are side mounted and slides out similar to a drawer. Available sizes are 18”(1 bags), 24”(2 bags), 30”(2 bags) wide.

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