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TidySquares Inc. provides organization products and installation services to Builders throughout the Greater Toronto Area.  We manufacture custom-specified closets and consider everything from the design to function to application.

At TidySquares, our in-house team employs a ‘holistic’ approach on every project. We make every effort to ensure that builders are provided with a streamlined flow from the design stage to the final installation. We are adding product value with an innovative approach to storage solutions. Whether it is a 500 square foot condo or a 5000 square foot home, it’s a good idea for builders to offer upgraded storage options. Chances are the homebuyer will eventually upgrade the standard storage systems. With TidySquares, builders can offer the upgrades immediately and capitalize on the process. For the homebuyer, everything is ready to go as soon as they step into their new home.

Prices are lower than similar storage solutions that are bland and standardized. For the builder, there’s NO investment in inventory and NO production headaches – you simply focus on selling quality storage solutions. Best of all, TidySquares handles everything from design to delivery.

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