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We seek individuals and companies who have the will and the know-how to aggressively promote TidySquares and uphold the reputation and integrity of the TidySquares product name.

Entrepreneurial Spirit
Typically, they are organized owner / operators that have a willingness to work hard and build a successful business.

Understand basic building practices and can work with power tools.

Strong knowledge of the products and services they sell.

Who are TidySquares Partners?

They are entrepreneurs, home improvement businesses, and professionals who want to be their own boss. Some of our Partners offer an array of products that complement TidySquares, others make their living, selling, and installing TidySquares products alone.

Home Renovation Professionals
(Handymen, General Contractors, Installers)

  • Home renovation professionals are already in a customer’s home working on a project. They have a great opportunity to enhance their services and customer satisfaction by selling TidySquares solutions.

Home Service Specialists
(Closet experts, Professional Organizers, Installers)

  • Adding TidySquares products to your existing offerings is quick and simple. The customers you are in contact with are already actively looking for ways to improve their home, making the addition easier.

Individuals With Varied Skill Sets and Flexible Time
(Retirees, First Responders, Teachers, Stay-at-home Parents)

  • There are many skilled individuals that have the talent and time to become a TidySquares Dealer. People included in this group have previous technical training and have flexible time in different times of the year.

Organizations in the storage Industries
(Home Product Specialty Stores, Home Improvement Retail Outlets, Manufacturers in the Home Improvements and Organization Industry)

  • Existing businesses that cater to home improvements, TidySquares can help provide add-on sales opportunities and increase profits. Many companies have added TidySquares to their professional installation division and enjoyed offering their clients this high value product.

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