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Benefits Of A One Stop Shop

Benefits ECAB Software

  1. NO inventory required and therefore NO shelf space
  2. Quick turn around time for custom storage solutions
  3. Start operating immediately with NO initial investment
  4. No need to deal in shipping and delivery
  5. Showcase 1000's of storage options with a few clicks
  6. Offering customized closets, wardrobes, and shelving
  7. Software platform and infrastructure are ready-to-go
  8. Interface reflects your branding and marketing

For retailers, nothing beats the convenience of a one-stop shop for product inventory and expert installation. At TidySquares Inc, our manufacturing capacity allows us to provide exceptional product turnaround, especially with last minute orders. From ordering to delivery, we can satisfy even the most demanding retail customer.



TidySquares Inc fully understands the needs of retailers and their customers. We provide customer support from end to end – from choosing the right design, specifying the appropriate products, to providing professional installation information.

Whatever the scope of an application, our people can be part of the entire project from start to finish.


With TidySquares, retailers use our proprietary software to showcase a huge range of storage solutions. The online shopping experience is designed to be user friendly and extremely easy to manage internally. In fact, our interface allows retail partners to choose various ways of showcasing product.

TidySquares software can be fully customized to showcase storage solutions, as well as options for upgrades. Customers view a three-dimensional presentation that is vivid and realistic. They can conveniently choose storage components, special features, and add extras to suit their need.

By working with TidySquares, retailers can eliminate their reliance on multiple suppliers. We offer all the customary storage options, while providing additional upgrade options. The shopping process is customized for the customer and streamlined for a more satisfying shopping experience.


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