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Benefits Of A One Stop Shop

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For independent businesses, our “one-stop-shop” approach is convenient and practical” for every home improvement service provider. This is a new way to do custom home storage, without any “middle man”, direct from the factory and with the best prices. The significant advantage with TidySquares Inc, is our extensive custom-cut storage solutions and our supportive staff – with everything under one roof.

TidySquares is the ideal platform for providing custom storage to new and existing customers. It’s a superior option over other alternatives, and the easy way to do business without any encumbrances.

  1. There is no need for any inventory.
  2. Turn around time is especially fast.
  3. There is no initial dollar investment.
  4. Shipping and delivery are managed.
  5. Customized software is ready-to-go.
  6. Everything reflects personal brand.


TidySquares Inc fully understands the needs of independent businesses and their customers.  We offer unparalleled customer support on every project as we help customers choose a product.


With TidySquares, businesses use our proprietary software to showcase a huge range of storage solutions. The online shopping experience is designed to be user friendly and extremely easy to manage internally.

TidySquares software can be fully customized to showcase storage solutions, as well as options for upgrades. Customers view a three-dimensional presentation that is vivid and realistic. They can conveniently choose storage components, special features, and add extras to suit their need. By working with TidySquares, businesses can eliminate their reliance on multiple suppliers. The shopping process is customized for the customer and streamlined for a more satisfying shopping experience.

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