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For builders, having everything under one roof is a big benefit when working with TidySquares Inc. Builders eliminate the need of dealing with multiple suppliers and are assured of a vast selection of finishes and all the necessary ancillary products. Our manufacturing capacity and warehousing capabilities allow us to provide an extra degree of customer service, particularly with last-minute needs. It is a process that is both customized and streamlined. From orders to shipping to delivery, we are able to satisfy even the most demanding of requirements and enhance the bottom line.

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With over 47 years of industry expertise, TidySquares Inc understands B2B interactions and appreciated the needs of builders. We help our builders choose the best closet solutions for their application, whether it is a reach-in, walk-in, laundry, or mud room closet.
More importantly, our builders can rely on our customer service team for assistance during every step of a project. Whatever the application size, we can help with the totality of the project – from product options to the installation.


Working with TidySquares, builders use our software to showcase closet storage options for every customer. It is an interface that’s easy to use for the customer, easy to manage internally, and ideal for the bottom line. In dealing with the largest builders across Canada, we are offering two ways to benefit. With our Standard Program (plus upgrade), every home or condo unit is provided with closet storage solutions that are far better than the conventional “wire option”. Our interface allows builders to use the technology to choose various ways of showcasing closet storage and upgrades for each homebuyer. With our Upgrades Only option, we upload builders’ drawings into our software for a fully customized showcase of storage solutions and possible upgrades. Our three-dimensional presentation is vivid and realistic, allowing the buyer to conveniently pick and choose various upgrades to suit their needs.

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