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Why do you have a free design service when I can already select a designed solution myself? 

Some of our pre-designed solutions may not fit into the parameters of your requirements or there may be certain complexities that don’t allow for a computer generated design such as obstructions or irregular room shape or size. You also may feel you have requirements other than the pre-designed solutions generated for you.

How do I use your free design service?

Through our website, you are able to book an online appointment with one of our professional designers. You will be able to select an available time slot that suites you. You will be emailed instructions on how to connect with our designer on the date of your appointment

How long will it take to design my product using a designer?

Usually it will take no longer than 15 minutes for an average closet for example. However, it can take longer if you have more rooms or more complex requirements. You will be required to have taken all your measurements prior to the online appointment. You may also want to upload photos or diagrams to the customer portal prior to your appointment to assist our designer during your session.

Do you offer any installation services?

No. You will have to arrange the installation of the product yourself. We do recommend the use of a contractor or handyman. Please refer to resources such as

Are you carb2 compliant? 

All shelving, closets and office furniture are. Wall units and servers are not.

Are your products flat packed or fully assembled? 

Both. All shelving, closets and office furniture are shipped flat.
Wall units, servers are shipped semi assembled. 

Will any cutting be necessary for installation?


How long will it take for me to receive my order?

We take great care to ensure we provide our customers with the finest quality products. We do not rush your order out the next day. Instead, we focus on crafting a solution that exceeds industry standards during the manufacturing process as we apply stringent quality control monitoring throughout. 
You can expect delivery 3-4 weeks after placing an order.

How do your products attach to the wall?

All our products are free standing units. We recommend that your contractor affixes the units to the wall behind to secure it.

Do you sell doors for your closets? 

Yes. We offer solid doors as well as door frames for glass inserts for wall units and closets. Please note, we do not offer glass inserts for closets due to risk of damage during shipping. It is the customer’s responsibility to find a local preferred glass manufacture and install it.

Cabinets/closets with closet rods must be 24” deep in order to have doors. Please use our free design service should you require doors for your closets and/or shelving.

Where are your products manufactured?

Canada. Some components like screws or handles are made in China.