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A Tidy Bedroom for a Refreshing Sleep

July 21, 2016 | Organization Styles & Trends
By: TidySquares

Research studies all over the world have shown that you need seven to eight hours of rejuvenating sleep each night to be healthy and productive. Let’s face it – everyone wakes up feeling great after a peaceful night’s slumber.A woman sleeping in a tidy bedroom looking happy and refreshed

There are proven tips to ensure that you’ll get quality rest:

Those last two points bear some explanation. Did you know that a cluttered, messy bedroom can actually affect your sleep? It’s true.

You’re all ready for bed, and what do you see? Clothes strewn over chairs and dressers. Shoes randomly tossed across the floor. Watches and jewelry lying on night tables and the ensuite-bathroom countertop. And don’t even think about those overflowing closets where you can’t ever find what you’re looking for.

If, before every night’s sleep, this is what awaits you, then probably your thoughts turn to gloom and guilt, muddling over how you must get this area organized someday. That’s not winding down or clearing you mind. It’s stress, plain and simple.

So is it any wonder that you don’t wake up feeling refreshed?

Yet the solution is really quite simple: TidySquares.

A clean organized and decluttered bedroom

You can easily transform your bedroom with functional, attractive storage.

Our custom walk-in closets make it an absolute pleasure to store and find your clothing at a snap. We’ve got handy extras too, such as jewelry trays for special small items. Built-in hampers also organize items for the laundry or longer-term storage.

Even our narrow reach-in closet shelves and drawers will surprise you with their easy access and ability to “clean up” the bedroom, while still providing the storage you require.

If you don’t have enough closets – or space in them – think about a wardrobe that not only organizes but makes a style statement in the room too.

Another way to de-clutter is with a wall unit that complements your furniture perfectly and provides much-needed room for nighttime reading: magazines and books that tend to stack up and crowd you out of your place of rest. Add a few décor items on the shelves to brighten up the area.

Imagine getting ready for bed in a room where you think everything’s just right – and why didn’t you do it sooner? When you close your eyes, knowing that when you wake up it’s going to be a new day in a perfect setting.

Sweet dreams.