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Tips For A Tidy Kids' Playroom

September 07, 2016 | Organization Styles & Trends
By: TidySquares

It’s a fact, sad but true: When the children’s playroom is cluttered and messy, it’s not only a nightmare to clean, but the contents spill out and flow like lava into other parts of your home. That’s why you painfully step on Lego pieces or trip over a Transformer after you turn out the lights. 

An organized space for kids to work and play helps keep the rest of the house looking tidy. Here are some ideas for turning that playroom into a useful, inviting space. 

Pare It Down 

The more toys children have, the fewer they actually play with. So stick to the favorites. Keep the playroom simple to begin with, and it will be a calm room that’s easy to maintain. Go through it each season to get rid of broken items and what’s not being used regularly.

Wall Units with Cubbies

Use trays to store and organize everything from building blocks to toys and games. Then store the trays in cubbies. Look for clear storage bins, so it’s easy to identify what’s inside. Or else label the trays for easy visibility. For young kids, pictures or a letter from the alphabet will be an identifier. Wall units are great because they combine everything into one place – cubbies, storage lockers, shelves.

Hang-Ups Are Good

Want a place for all those stuffed animals? Drop them in nets or tote bags, and then hang everything from a wall coat rack or hooks – within reach of small hands, of course. Once the kids are finished playing, Teddy goes back in the bag and up on the wall. Hanging cups (plastic or metal) are great for storing pencils, crayons and paintbrushes.

Do-It-Yourself Table

An integral part of every playroom is a desk or table, where the computer or tablet resides and plenty of activities like painting take place. If you have more than one child – and the extra space – then push two tables together for an even bigger work area.

Books in a Row

Nothing is more versatile than bookshelves. You can easily put a bench seat between two of them. To maximize space, consider corner bookcases. Remember too, these shelves hold more than just books, if you organize them right for stuffed toys, board games and so on. 

Clean-Up – a Family Affair

Okay, so now the playroom is in great shape, so the kids can recognize and find toys on their own. Everything has a place. When it’s time for clean-up, get your children in on the act. Start teaching them about organization at a young age.

At TidySquares, our entire focus is on home storage solutions. When it comes to playrooms, we’re the experts. Wall units, cubbies, bookshelves, desks and tables – and anything else you need. Using our custom-design technology, you create what works perfectly in your space. Then leave it to us to build it and deliver it right to your home.

And see how clean and clutter-free the rest of the house is. You might not ever step on a Lego piece again.