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Why Life’s Better with a Tidy Clothes Closet

July 21, 2016 | Organization Styles & Trends
By: TidySquares

Have you ever bought something new to wear and found that it’s similar – or even identical – to what’s already in your overstuffed clothes closet? 

Why Life's Better with a Tidy Clothes ClosetOr have you ever been in a rush and spent several stressed-out minutes frantically searching for an outfit that’s hidden somewhere in the clutter?

Well, take heart, because you’re not alone.

Most people are not good at organizing their closets; they just stuff things in, not making good use of whatever space is there. But, just as made-to-measure clothes fit like a glove, the same is true for a custom closet, which meets your needs perfectly.

The benefits of an organized closet are many.

First of all, there’s more space, room you never thought was there, because everything is divided into separate compartments.

Next, you’ll save time and frustration, since everything has a place.

Another bonus is that organized closets add value to your home.

An organized closet space with white shelving and drawer unit.

And, of course, an organized closet looks great. Opening the door becomes a pleasurable experience. No more cringing with embarrassment if a friend or relative happens to be in the bedroom with you. Now your closet makes a style statement.

At TidySquares, we know how an organized closet can actually make your life better. Our core business is custom functional storage solutions. No matter what size or shape your existing closet is, we can transform it into something exceptional.

From shoe racks to multilevel garment hangers; sweater drawers to jewelry trays; laundry hampers to hat shelves – we’ve got your needs covered. TidySquares’ custom-design technology makes storage problems a thing of the past. We turn a closet into a practical, beautiful thing.

What we can’t do is return those new black shoes you just bought, the ones that are almost the same as the pair you didn’t know you had, the ones you discovered under a heap of footwear and handbags in the back of your cramped existing closet.

Or, even worse, the ones you haven’t uncovered yet.